3rd Royal Veteran Battalion 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion

3rd Royal Veteran Battalion

A very rare brass cross belt plate, with 1 hook and 2 studs to reverse.
Royal Veteran Battalions were British Army units of the early nineteenth century that were made up of men no longer fit for front-line service. They had been previously termed "invalid battalions" but this was deemed derogatory and changed.
Between 1802 and 1820, 13 Royal Garrison Battalions, renamed Royal Veteran Battalions in 1804, were raised, taking into service army pensioners and invalids. Generally, these battalions worked in depots and stores doing administration and support work, which enabled the more able-bodied soldiers to do the fighting. These veteran battalions were disbanded and re-formed up until the 1820s.
The 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion was raised on Jersey and served there before being disbanded in 1814 at Chelsea. In 1815, 2 companies of both the 6th and 9th Royal Veteran Battalions were used to form a new 3rd battalion at Edinburgh, where it was disbanded a year later

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