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Scottish Territorial Red Cross Brigade WWI

Brass badge with 2 loops to reverse and red felt backing to cross

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13th County of London Batt. (Kensington)

Brass cap badge with 2 loops to reverse. Eight pointed star with Royal Borough of Kensington shield. Ref K&K Vol1 1839

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Honourable Artillery Company Infantry post 1953

Officer's silvered beret badge with 2 loops to reverse. Ref Gaylor Plate 39A

Code: 56112Price: 38.00 GBP

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28th London Artists Rifles

Brass cap badge with slide to reverse. Ref K&K Vol2 1858

Code: 56115Price: 25.00 GBP

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9th (Cyclist Battalion) Hants. Regt. K/C WWI

Brass cap badge with slide to reverse

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Cambridgeshire Regt.

Scarce bi-metal cap badge with slide to reverse. With scroll to South Africa 1900-01. A 1 piece badge, scroll not added. Worn 1909-14 by men who served in South Africa as volunteers of the 3rd Cambridge RVs Suffolk Regiment. K&K Vol1 1816 states officer's pattern but it was worn by other ranks in this form

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4th / 5th and 6th / 7th Black Watch K/C pre 1935

White metal cap badge with 2 shouldered loops to reverse (often found on Scots badges). Motto with 'lacessit' spelling. Mint condition. Ref K&K Vol2 1736

Code: 56024Price: 190.00 GBP

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9th Batt. Highland Light Infantry Glasgow Highlanders K/C

Superb officer's silver and gilt cap badge with 2 loops to reverse. Of 2 piece construction. Sealed 2nd December 1939. Very heavy quality in mint condition. Ref K&K Vol2 2363

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2nd Batt. London Scottish

Officer's bronze cap badge with pin to reverse. This is the same size as the voided one purchased by Col. Ogilvy for the battalion while they served in Palestine 1917-18. Solid bronze with pin fixing, is it the officer's version?. Ogilvy's badge was worn on the pagri with pin fixing also

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5th Seaforth Highlanders

A lovely group consisting of cap badge, dog tags, paperwork and a photo. Cap badge is an officer's small size silver badge with pin to reverse, hallmarked Edinburgh 1918 by HT (Henry Tatton). Dog tags and paperwork to Stanley Melville Blake. Served in France as a 2nd Lieutenant and then Captain. Photo is a lovely portrait of Blake in which he is wearing the larger style badge

Code: 55908Price: 500.00 GBP

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