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1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

Woven cloth shoulder title. This title was worn from D Day onwards. I think this one was later. Taylor says English made. White on maroon with green border. Ref P Taylor Allied Special Forces 1939-48.

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Canadian Airborne

Woven cloth qualification wing worn on the breast. Ref Taylor p164/5 for photos

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No.5 Commando WWII

Woven cloth shoulder title

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Royal Naval Commando

Woven cloth shoulder title. Raised in 1942. Used to establish, maintain and control beachheads during amphibious operations. Disbanded in 1944-45

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72nd Independent Infantry Brigade

Scarce printed cloth formation sign. This brigade was redesignated H/Q 5th Parachute Brigade 1st June 1944

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Small size bullion wing. Good age. Probably mess dress

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Combined Ops WWII

Woven cloth 'tombstone ' formation sign worn on the arm. This one has been cut to shape

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44th Indian Airborne Division WWII

Printed cloth formation sign. Pegasus with India below

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Special Air Service Qualified Parachutist

Brass badge with 2 loops to reverse

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Woven cloth beret badge. Edge has been turned over and reinforced to make a stiff badge

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