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23rd Indian Division

Woven cloth formation sign on solid disc with pin to reverse. A red fighting cock on a khaki circle. Fought at Imphal, Shenam, Palel and Tamu. In 1945 was part of 'Operation Zipper' landing in Malaya. Ref Cole p82

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22nd Anti-Tank Regt. Royal Artillery WWII

Scarce woven cloth formation sign. Cut to shape. Tank with letters AT on the side. Ref Morris Part 2 119

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North Staffordshire Regt.

Woven on silk combination formation sign. Maroon, black and white bars with white triangle and 2 infantry bars. Has been removed from uniform

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579 Light Anti-Aircraft (Leics. Regt.)

Woven cloth formation sign. Also worn by regular regiment and cadets. Ref Morris Part 2 p19/20 no.78

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Danish Brigade Group

Scarce woven cloth formation sign. Ref Bosleys Issue 52 2008 no.508

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2nd Polish Corps

Officer's bullion formation sign. Maid of Warsaw on a red shield. This sign awarded to Life Guards and 7th Hussars who were part of the Corps. Fought in the Middle East and Italy. Ref Morris Part 2 p3

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1st Division Royal Signals WWII

Woven cloth formation sign

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Hampshire County Division WWII

Woven cloth formation sign. Black Hampshire hog on white rectangle, the badge of the Hampshire Division. Ref Cole p58

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18th Division (2nd line TA)

Printed cloth formation sign. Served in India, Malaya and Singapore. Printed black windmill on orange background to denote its association with East Anglia. Small piece of glue to back. Ref Cole p39

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79th Armoured Division

Printed cloth formation sign. Bull's head on a yellow inverted triangle. Worn by among others the 22nd Dragoon Guards. Ref Morris Part 1 p15 no.16

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