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Trained Scout

Large size brass arm badge with 2 loops to reverse. Worn by Scout Corporals of Horse in the Household Cavalry with the bar. Cavalry of the Line Scout Sergeants and Regimental Scouts wore this badge with bar brass with backplate and pin. Ref Edwards and Langley British Army Proficiency Badges p21 12A

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King's Badge K/C

White metal lapel badge with buttonhole fixing to reverse. For members of the armed forces, the merchant navy, the Home Guard and civil defence organisations who are disabled as a result of war service. Boxed with paperwork. Named to Cornfield

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QVC Crown post 1881

Brass crown with 2 wires to reverse for use as part of glengarry with helmet plate centre

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White metal horse on red cord boss badge. Not sure whether it is regular yeomanry or cyclists

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Pigeon Service WWII

Rare enamel and brass lapel badge with buttonhole fixing to reverse. Stamped no.8423

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Sealed pattern for brass arm badge. Worn on service dress and khaki drill

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Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary 1914

Silver badge with 2 loops to reverse. Service star awarded early 1918 by the Commissioner for wear on the forearm for specials who attested before 31st December 1914 and served continuously after then. Discontinued in 1920s. Ref Bosleys Cap Badge Auction 14th August 2002 no.357

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Crossed Swords

Unknown headdress badge in cast brass with pagri pin to reverse. Indian or Middle East?

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Armoured and Allied Trades K/C

Company QMS's bronze arm badge with 4 loops to reverse and on original backplate. Very unusual 1 piece construction. Maker's name Firmin of London

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Army Scripture Readers

Scarce 2 piece lapel badge. Bi-metal smaller version of cap badge with buttonhole fixing worn below a small enamel shield with pin to reverse. Pin badge reads 'SASRA Matthew 24:44'

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