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Royal Scots Greys

Black patent leather undress sabretache with brass badge. Leather and fittings all in good order. All 3 D rings present. Bill Carman in his work for the MHS Special Number in 2005 states worn from 1838 onwards

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Hampshire Carabiniers Yeomanry K/C

Officer's full dress waist belt. Gold bullion belt with silver and gilt buckle. Buckle is in mint condition. Belt has a bit of wear in places and has become detached from leather backing. A rare item

Code: 55863Price: 450.00 GBP

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Royal Air Force Bomber Command

Standard bearer's cross belt in superb condition. Face side with gilt King's crown badge etc. and rear has bullion Queen's crown Bomber Command badge

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39th of Foot

Pair of officer's gilt and gilt wire shoulder scales. Handed left and right and dated 1842 with W Buckmaster Latest Improvements. Matching numbers 3648 with other information on brass panels. Some service wear to inside. Good for age on the face side but grubby. Comes with box of issue which is rusty with a split to the top of the lid and one damaged hinge. Box is red velvet lined inside

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Norfolk Yeomanry K/C

Officer's brown leather belt with EVII silver and gilt waist belt clasp. Belt in very good condition. Buckle very near mint

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Ceylon Mounted Rifles

Pair of metal shoulder chains with white metal title to each

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3rd Vol. Batt. Bedfordshire Regt. K/C

White leather cross belt with black pouch and strung bugle badge. All fixings present. Worn 1908-14

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1st Devon Militia c1830s

Pair of officer's silver wire and silver plated shoulder scales with red leather and silk backing. Handed left and right with 1st Devon Militia buttons. Stitching is becoming detached on curved section to reverse. Generally very good condition

Code: 52252Price: 365.00 GBP

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5th Batt. Gloucestershire Regt.

NCOs black patent leather pouch with white metal (possibly silver plate) fittings. Blank tablet sphinx badge. Worn 1908-14. For companion pouch belt plate see item 51900 in the Pouch / Cross Belt Plates / WBCs section

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Northamptonshire Militia QVC

Very scarce other ranks brass waist belt clasp on belt as issued

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