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'MG' in Wreath

Woven cloth proficiency badge for 1st class Machine Gunner. Worn on the lower left arm. Nice early example

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Officer quality bullion badge. I think probably for a skirt ornament to a Scots regiment, there being three thistles set on a wreath. Has good age

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Air Dispatch Personnel post 1965

Woven cloth badge. Ref Edwards and Langley p104 123B

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Drum Major

Large drum in gold bullion. Worn on the arm above chevrons. One of the ropes missing to the drum. Good age

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Bullion skills badge worn on the lower left arm. Gold bullion wire on dark blue/black. Backing is slightly detached. Remnants of red felt to back

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Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Woven cloth pagri badge. Slight stain to one side

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Suffolk Regt.

Superb woven cloth badge. Quality woven castle on yellow, not like the usual pagri and certainly not a blazer badge. Good age, could be an officer's pagri, I don't know. Measures 77mm by 62mm

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Army Kinema Corporation

Woven cloth shoulder title. Amber on black. The Army Kinematograph Service was formed in 1941. Originating from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps in 1939 it covered many subjects, high priority films, secret subjects, 6 pounder gun, specialised medical films, careless talk, street fighting and many others. In 1943 there were 100 mobile cinema units in the UK and one in North Africa. After the allied landings in Italy and Normandy many more went abroad. Well known people from the film world who developed through it were Carol Reed and Peter Ustinov and many others. At the end of the war it became the Army Kinema Corporation

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American Ambulance Great Britain WWII

Rare woven cloth arm badge

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Catholic Women's League

Woven cloth badge worn for overseas service. Founded in 1906 by Margaret Fletcher. Provided mobile canteens and general assistance to troops in both wars, home and abroad in all the theatres of war

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