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Queen's Institute of District Nursing Service

Pair of woven bullion shoulder titles. Taken from the British Journal of Nursing March 1946, Queen Mary had approved the appointment of 128 nurses to be Queen's nurses, 105 in England, 17 in Scotland, 2 in Wales and 4 in N.Ireland. These were accompanied by different rank flashes on their shoulders. They did sterling service during the war. There are 2 different types and could be sold separately

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10th Batt. Liverpool Scottish WWI

Woven cloth shoulder title. Headquarters at 7 Fraser St. Liverpool. Made up of companies A to H they were part of the South Lancs. Brigade West Lancs. Division. They were one of the first territorial battalions to go to France in November 1914. By January 1915 were reduced to 370 able bodied men due to the severe winter and trench warfare. The establishment had been 26 officers and 829 men. Took part in the first action at Bellewaarde in June 1915. This battle was known to the regiment as the Battle of Hooge. It was designed to pin down German reserves while other Allied Forces were engaged elsewhere. The unit's most acclaimed soldier during WWI was Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse who was awarded two VCs while attached to the RAMC. Red on khaki

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Hallamshire Territorials (York & Lancs.)

Woven cloth shoulder title in mint condition

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Royal Armoured Corps WWII

Printed cloth shoulder title. Red on yellow

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Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry

Woven cloth shoulder title. Design approved in February 1958. Authorised again in May 1964. For 851st C & WY Battery Independent since 1961. The regiment has been refused permission to wear Royal Artillery and W & CY brass titles. Ref Jon Mills Vol2 no.5305

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13th / 18th Hussars

Pair of woven cloth shoulder titles of the slipover type. Black on white

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British Expeditionary Force

Woven cloth shoulder title. Unofficial title worn for a short while in 1940. Jon Mills in his excellent book (1st Volume) notes these were seen 7th June 1940. They were not banned but by the 30th June normal dress was restored. Ref J Mills p57 & 59 no.368

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10th Gurkhas

Woven cloth shoulder title. White on green

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Mountain Artillery

Woven cloth shoulder title. Jon Mills says in his excellent book (pages 140/141) possibly worn by 85th Mountain Regiment who were formed in Palestine in 1943 before service in Italy with the 8th Army. Some paper to reverse.

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King's Royal Rifle Corps

Woven cloth shoulder title

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