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South Middlesex Rifle Volunteers QVC

Brass pouch badge with 2 bolt fixings to reverse. 2nd South Middlesex joined the KRRC in 1881. In 1908 then joined the 10th London and the 13th London Regiments

Code: 56283Price: 80.00 GBP

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Royal Engineers Q/C

Officer's gilt waist belt clasp

Code: 56210Price: 55.00 GBP

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3rd Glamorgan Rifle Volunteers

Officer's silver plated pouch belt plate with 2 bolts to reverse. Circular plate with unit title and motto 'Pro aris et focis' enclosing strung bugle horns, a crown and 3 shields bearing civil arms. A scarce plate

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Royal Artillery Cadet QVC

Officer's gilt waist belt clasp. Gilt dull. For companion helmet plate see Item 55434

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67th of Foot (South Hampshire Regt.)

Very rare other ranks brass waist belt clasp. Other ranks waist belt clasps of this period are very hard to find as they were handed back in at the end of a man's service. Age wear but still a rare thing

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1st Admin Batt. Hants. Rifle Vols. 1860-approx.1880

White metal waist belt clasp. Headquarters in Winchester

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Durham Light Infantry

Officer's silver and gilt waist belt clasp. Matching bench marks (no.10)

Code: 55129Price: 195.00 GBP

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Liverpool Irish Rifle Volunteers QVC

Officer's silver pouch belt plate with 3 bolts to reverse. All nuts and washers present. Hallmarked Birmingham 1860 to the front and on the back plate with maker's name William Dowler. Initially the 64th (Liverpool Irish) Rifle Volunteers based at 9 Everton Crescent, Liverpool. Redesignated 18th (Liverpool Irish) Rifle Volunteer Corps in 1880 and the 5th (Irish) Volunteer Battalion The King's Liverpool Regiment in 1888. Displayed with green felt backing. A superb and rare item

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1st Vol. Batt. Northamptonshire Regt. K/C 1902-08

Officer's silver plated pouch belt plate with 3 bolts to reverse. Became 1st VB in 1887 but continued to use old RVs on their appointments

Code: 55061Price: 380.00 GBP

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Rifle Brigade K/C

Very unusual officer quality silver waist belt clasp. Centre device is officer's hallmarked Birmingham 1908 of cap badge size with maker's name J & Co. Backplate is hallmarked London 1910 with maker's name WC

Code: 55007Price: 200.00 GBP

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